ALMA: Access to Language Methods for Increasing Migrants' Abilities to Start Their Own Business

alma: Access to  Language Methods

ALMA: Access to Language Methods for Increasing Migrants’ Abilities to Start Their Own Business is a European cooperation project aimed at stimulating migrants to begin a new business, to inspire and provide them with practical guidelines in order to start and run a successful company within a new cultural and linguistic context.

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Photo of Elisabeth Fadel

Elisabeth Fadel

Elisabeth is all about music

It was only logical that the Brazilian Elisabeth Fadel started her own company in the Netherlands. Only then could she do what she liked best: make music, her own music. And making music never feels like work.

Fadel's company is called Esabelmusic and is located in Rotterdam. She founded it in 2014.
"I started my own company because I only want one thing: make music. Then you have to become a self-employed person. Moreover, I want to make my own music and that is not possible in an orchestra." Elisabeth grew up with music. "I come from a very musical family and they have always supported me to make my own music."

Before Fadel started as a professional, she first attended a course at the Chamber of Commerce. She also took a language course where the Dutch language was linked to business entrepreneurship. "I have an accountant who was recommended to me by another musician. I am happy with that; it is really an accountant for musicians. By the way, I financed my business with my own money and didn't borrow anything from anyone."

Elisabeth has different types of clients, she works for stages, theatres, schools and festivals. She gets into contact with them through social media. "I can be found on all social media channels and I regularly post pieces of performances there. Sometimes I also have a promotional campaign for all music schools in the Netherlands.” Fadel no longer attends business network meetings. "No work will come out of that. I prefer to talk to other musicians about music."

Working with people is very important to Elisabeth. "But because I usually work with different people, I sometimes feel a little lonely. I never have the same people around me. So you have to have perseverance and ensure that you have many business relationships."

Elisabeth also has a few other tips for starting entrepreneurs: "Determine and define your goal in advance and always keep that goal in mind. Even if things aren't going as well as you wish. Never compromise if it gets in the way of your plans." And finally: “If like me you don't understand finances, find a good accountant!"